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    Women Entrepreneurship Development Organization

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    Homeland for Every women

    WEDO Aims At Creating Avenues That Make Women Financially Empowered

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Who we are? What we do?

WEDO aims at bringing out the hidden entrepreneur in every woman. At this time and age when women are making their mark in every walk of life, women are not restricted to household chores. Being an entrepreneur gives the financial as well as mental freedom for women to be themselves and contribute to their family’s lifestyle. It also helps balance the duties at home and business at ease. WEDO aims at identifying the potential and helping women who aspire to open out their wings and soar high.

Established in the year 2015, Women Entrepreneurship Development Organization Pvt Ltd empowers women by helping them in their entrepreneurship journey. WEDO gives women entrepreneurs an opportunity to shine and lead the way in the field of their choice.

VWC Business Networking For Women

WEDO is for any woman, who wishes to generate income; start a business; improve her business; expand her business or simply wants to be in a community that is supportive, encouraging and motivating. WEDO is all about bonding and joining hands to grow in plurality. Each branch of WEDO is designed in such a way that, its assists each other and together forms a very powerful network that will grasp women from all walks of life to broadcast synergised reverberations

WEDO Connect-Global Business Connections

Being with like-minded people motivates you to work better. Connect with other women entrepreneurs and get listed in the directory as well. Apart from this, you will also be part of the WEDO WhatsApp group connecting many entrepreneurs like you, get access to networking events at a special fee and many more advantages and benefits.

WEDO Classic-Free Membership

Get inspired and do more with our WEDO classic membership that helps you stay updated with what’s happening in the entrepreneurship circle with our free membership. Unleash host of benefits that helps boost your business and access other resources at no extra cost.


A great business space enhances creativity and improves your productivity. When you start your business, fancy office space and conference rooms may not exactly affordable. Which is why WEDO has created everything you need for your workspace from Meeting Rooms, elaborate Workspaces, Private Cabin Spaces, Training Facilities, Power Backup, WIFI, etc.

WEDO Launch"

At WEDO we build your confidence to achieve your dreams of starting your own venture. If you are an investor looking for the right place to invest your hard-earned money, WEDO has plenty of promising opportunities for you to consider. When you invest in our projects, you are not just investing money, you are also giving hope to the dreams of every woman.

WEDO Consult

Sometimes all you need is the right person who can ignite that spark and help you establish right connections to speed up your business. If you are brimming with a business idea, we evaluate and provide you with realistic information on how you could take it forward. Bottom line is that we help you with consultation services that can open up your mind and a world of opportunities .

We provide solutions


Constantly Identifying, Creating and Introducing avenues that generates “more revenue and respect” for our Women Members through Breakthrough Products, Strategic Alliances, Visibility Platform and Credibility Showcase.

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Kadambari Sathish

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Arvind John Victor

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WEDO - Women Entrepreneurship Development Organisation Pvt Ltd was started in the year 2015. WEDO was started to empower women through entrepreneurship.

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No. 44 Prakasam Street, T.Nagar,

Chennai – 600017, TN, INDIA

+91 98406 17220 | +91 87544 53901