About Us

About Us

WEDO aims at creating avenues that make women financially empowered, no matter which phase of journey a woman is at. WEDO ties up with all walks of women: well established entrepreneurs, working women, home makers, students, MSMEs, professionals and creates a brilliant ecosystem that supports and shares.

WEDO is founded by Kadambari Sathish, who was inspired from her own life. She understands that the entrepreneurial journey is not the same for men and women. Her entrepreneurial journey of a decade into HR, along with marriage and child, Kadambari wanted to do something specific that supports women entrepreneurship. This led her into IIM – Bengaluru and thus the birth of WEDO – Women Entrepreneurship Development Organisation.

WEDO is a Non-Non Profit Organisation, because we strongly believe that women empowerment is no more a topic of charity.


Globally Present – Financially Empowered Women Community, Happy Families and a World that Shares.


Constantly Identifying, Creating and Introducing avenues that generates “more revenue and respect” for our Women Members through breakthrough products ,strategic alliances, visibility platform and credibility showcase.

Creating highest holistic ROI for our Customers and Alliances.

The motto of WEDO is to support women in every aspect possible to live life to the fullest. Women are capable of forming such strong bonding and connection. WEDO is a sisterhood that nurtures and grows each woman and WEDO believes in growing while letting grow! The women in WEDO come from various backgrounds such as Entrepreneurs, Government Officials, MNC Professionals, doctors, engineers, lawyers, psychologists, counsellors, owners of MSMEs, College students, Office goers, BPOs, KPOs, Home Makers, Freelancers and so on

If you are a woman who is reading this, then without doubt WEDO is for you, to learn, explore, seek knowledge and be a part of community that is much bigger than yourself and letting that community to be your family for mutual growth and development