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Hello everyone!! I am Kadambari Sathish - founder of Women Entrepreneurship Development Organisation and Visionary Women Circle. WEDO was founded in the year 2015 and since then we have been dedicatedly coming up with many programs and opportunities which ensures economic empowerment of women through entrepreneurship. I am extremely proud in announcing that today after travelling this far , we have WEDO classic membership which is for starting and Aspiring entrepreneurs. And for those entrepreneurs who want to be in a network but would not have to stress too much but be there Explore the network and make the best use of the available connect , it is a simple and straightforward membership which has prescribed offerings and connectivity for one whole year. Our flagship membership called Visionary Women Circle,is a premium and a flagship membership model with well defined objectives and a clear-cut strategy to ensure that we grow as a team and individually.Visionary Women Circle was formed based on my personal belief and 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur. We believe that certain plugins for a woman entrepreneur will definitely get her close to her entrepreneurial visionary dream, Right network Right knowledge, Right opportunity, Positive visibility and Growing profitability will ensure women not only in Getting Connected to right people but also get more business and greater influence.Every woman in Visionary Woman Circle does not only plan and strategize for her personal growth but ensures that through her organisation many other partnerships are being created and they grow a community around the growth. We have constantly been coming up with strategies,efforts and various experiments. We have scrapped few, Improvised on few and Initiated few new initiatives .We initiated few properties this year , Visionary Women Awards and Visionary Women Conference. And this blog is mainly to announce that we will be beginning our blog series where we will share our experiences and insights ,we will also introduce business opportunities and share expert opinions here. To become a part of WEDO or to enquire , register in the link below. Follow our FB Page for Updates in Future

By WEDO Web  |  2018-05-15 21:49:48