Branded Services


WEDO SHE is a referral income generating platform for women. Women love shopping and what they love even more is to influence decisions of buying. WEDO identified that as a potential business model and found SHE. SHE lets you earn income for every referral you make.

This is how it works

  • You register with SHE and choose the companies you wish to refer people for
  • Refer your friends or family (potential buyers) to the company
  • Your friends or family (potential buyers) visit the store
  • The store makes the sale.
  • You get paid with a referral commission or fee for that.

Isn't that the most easiest way to make some extra income? Women do this anyway, so why not make cash out of it!

WEDO Consult:

WEDO Consult is for Young and Budding Women Entrepreneurs who wish to be their own boss and work towards financial independence.

We give End to End Support to take your idea and passion and turn into a Money-Making System.

We take your hands, hold it and support you in order to in the right direction

WEDO Consult is your Guide / Mentor / Friend in your Entrepreneurial Journey.

  • Consulting
  • Training and Development
  • Allied Services
WEDO Connect:

WEDO Connect is for Women Entrepreneurs who have established themselves, but lack visibility or not able to expand. WEDO Connect directly gives you the visibility and a platform that opens your windows to your consumers.

WEDO Connect links you with the right people and improves your clientele by multi-folds especially if it belongs to the Business to Consumer Segment.

WEDO Founder:

WEDO Founder creates an ecosystem that will enable a student to make decisions towards their entrepreneurship. This also gives a base of business entered education and TED talks from already established entrepreneurs.

Networking Platforms

WEDO Show-Case:

WEDO Show-Case is a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services. It is a networking platform to bring like-minded women together, to explore new opportunities and exchange connections.

WEDO Step-Up:

WEDO Step Up is for Home Makers to take a step up towards their financial freedom. We open our platforms for them to explore opportunities to generate income based on their individual preferences.

Support Services

WEDO Master:

WEDO Master is a training and development platform for all women. This training and development is offered by experts on a wide range of subjects including Business, Management, Communication Skills, Health, Finance, Breath-Work, Meditation etc.


WEDO Fun offers a whole bunch of community services for women, like potluck, arts & dance, painting, music, group activities, zumba and fitness etc.