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Dr. Abdul Manaff, a dynamic and strategic leader, serves as the distinguished Chairperson and Strategic Investor of WEDO, bringing his unparalleled passion for aviation, finance, and technology to the forefront. Drawing inspiration from the game of cricket, he views life as a challenge to stand resilient in the face of adversity, adapt to changing circumstances, and persevere through challenges—an ethos that resonates throughout his professional journey.
As a seasoned Aviation Executive, Dr. Manaff has a commendable track record of successfully managing airlines and steering start-up projects to fruition. His expertise encompasses business planning, commercial development, and change management, making him a stalwart in the field of business development. A strategic thinker with proven financial and general management skills, he excels in crisis management, operations management, government relations, emergency management, and aircraft maintenance—a testament to his strong operational proficiency.

About us

With a focus on achieving verifiable success in emerging and rapidly changing environments, Dr. Manaff specializes in project finance, trade finance, structured finance, asset management, and placement of funds. His academic credentials include a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and dual Ph.D. degrees in Marketing and Finance, concentrating on international finance and financial trading.

An International Executive and Serial Entrepreneur with decades of experience spanning the aviation, financial, information technology, and banking sectors, Dr. Manaff has gained global exposure in emerging markets. Embracing the belief that "Data is the new Oil," he has extended his reach into the technology industry.

Dr. Abdul Manaff's guiding principles—doing the right thing, putting clients first, leading with exceptional ideas, committing to diversity and inclusion, and giving back—shape his role as a strategic investor and advisor at WEDO. In this capacity, he lends his expertise to help individuals, businesses, and institutions build, preserve, and manage wealth, empowering them to pursue their financial goals.



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