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Introducing the WEDO Women Entrepreneurs Club—a sanctuary that encompasses all your needs in one place. With WEDO, you can effortlessly cultivate a vast pan-India network of collaborators, clients, and peers, all from the comfort of your own home.

Imagine having an extensive network of clients who are eager to engage with your business. Picture finding like-minded collaborators who can enhance your services, taking your brand to new heights. Envision gaining unparalleled visibility beyond the confines of your city, igniting the spark that leads to increased sales. But that’s not all! At WEDO, we believe that knowledge is power, especially in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship. That’s why we provide you with the tools and resources to upgrade your business skills and stay ahead of the competition. Our immersive business workshops, tailored specifically for our club members, empower you to implement the best strategies and keep your business on the cutting edge.

Gone are the days of wasting precious time, money, and effort searching for the support you need. With WEDO, you can acquire all three essential ingredients for entrepreneurial success under one roof. And the best part? It’s incredibly affordable, starting at just Rs 500 per month!

By joining WEDO, you’ll become part of a vibrant community of women entrepreneurs spread across India. You’ll have the opportunity to connect, build trust, and collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. Together, you can share customers through our innovative collaborative marketing approach, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved. But don’t stop there—prepare to level up your game with our exclusive access to mentoring and valuable resources. With WEDO by your side, you’ll have the support you need to run and grow your business with confidence and passion.

So why wait? Supercharge your business growth by joining our unparalleled support system designed exclusively for women entrepreneurs. Register for a month, experience the incredible value, and continue your journey towards success.

Don’t hesitate—start right away! Join WEDO Women Entrepreneurs Club today, where dreams become reality and aspirations take flight in the vibrant world of entrepreneurship

Key Features of the WEDO - Women Entrepreneurs Club

What do members get to do in the club?

We take pride in offering these club highlights to our esteemed members, ensuring they have every opportunity to grow, connect, and thrive in their entrepreneurial journey.

WEDO – Women Entrepreneurs Club is the result of careful consideration of the unique challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. Our primary objective is to create a supportive ecosystem that empowers women to thrive in their business endeavours. At WEDO, we firmly believe that every woman entrepreneur should have access to the necessary resources to not only sustain their business but also scale and flourish in their entrepreneurial journey. By fostering a nurturing environment, we strive to address the pain points commonly experienced by women entrepreneurs. We understand the importance of providing comprehensive support, guidance, and opportunities tailored to their specific needs. Through WEDO, we aim to equip women entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge, and network required to overcome challenges, unlock their full potential, and achieve remarkable success.

All that you could do with the WEDO Club Membership

WEDO Club Membership

  • Grow Your Network
  • Grow Your Customers
  • Expand Across India & Increase Your Visibility

WEDO Club Membership

  • Get Introduced to Collaborative Marketing
  • Learn to identify Collaborators and understand the process of collaboration
  • Learn How to Make Your Competitors Collaborate with you

  • Increase Your Customers, Sales & Profits Leveraging Collaborative Marketing at WEDO – Women Entrepreneurs Club.
  • You Will  Explore And Discover Various Unexplored Avenues That Leads To Business Growth.
  • Take up the  One Month Membership and experience yourself. Renew Only If You Like It!


You get to meet new contacts from different locations at every meeting and also tend to introduce yourself and know your fellow members more and built trust and business relationship.

Ensure that the product or service is of high standard. With quality , your growth in the club will be unstoppable.

Leadership roles and participation in National events helps you get more visibility and creates an opportunity to showcase your leadership skills and contribute to the growth of the community. 

Supporting Fellow Women Entrepreneurs leads to trust building and better relationship. Which in turn translates into collaboration and business.

Dont miss the opportunity of upgrading yourself during WEDO Training session provided free of cost twice a month. As trainings help you strategies your business better and scale you business.

Dont limit your thought. Think big and this will be a right place for you make you business dreams come true.

Founder Of Women Entrepreneurship Development Organization and the club

“HI,I am Kadambari, I have been managing WEDO – Women Entrepreneurship Development Organisation for over 7 years and during this period, we have been conducting various short term workshops, conducted awards , networking sessions.My only focus was to empower women to succeed in business and progress. Of all the strategies we adopted we adopted “Collaborative Marketing” which was our most unique methodology we adopted for our members and have seen a great progress and success in them . I always dreamt of empowering more and more women with right knowledge that could help a woman’s business grow and I wanted to exhibit this power of “Collaborative Marketing” to more women entrepreneurs. I structured a course on Collaborative Marketing that had the power to enable a woman win and spread her business across the globe, even while she works from the comfort of her own and without much investment. As i dint want to stop with just the course, we curated a community with pan India presence so that women could have a network to collaborate comfortable and with trust and ease.

Watch some pics from our launches and Awards

“The Club is carefully designed after an experience of interacting with over 7000 plus women and closely studying the struggles that they go through juggling between family and making a dream business survive”

Club’s Motto is Not Just To Make Your Business Survive, But To Make 

 You Super Successful And Profitable.

This membership has been an eye-opener for various women entrepreneurs at different stages of their Business. “EXPERIENCE IT”


Most Women Entrepreneurs start Businesses based on pure emotions without any Market Study

Most of Women's fears are more in their mind and addressable in reality

The Most important investment for an entrepreneur is investing in themselves to acquire the right Business Knowledge!

Most Entrepreneurs do not know that Business Knowledge is different from technical knowledge that they acquire to develop their product or render their services.

Most Businesses fail due to the lack of Business Knowledge

Business is a lifestyle and that it cannot be balanced. It has to be lived

I have been witnessing women rediscovering themselves and approaching business in a new dimension, they are more excited as this time they have clarity on the direction and choices they make with the support of a community.

Business is always under construction, when developed with the right knowledge , commitment and consistent under a progressive support system….. success is inevitable.

Join the club and we will together ensure to save many years of trial and errors and speed up your journey towards success!

Its about

-Building the right foundation.

-Eliminating the risk of failure

-Accelerating Growth   

-Increasing Customers, Sales & Growth

WEDO - Women Entrepreneurs Club

When you join the club , you will develop clarity on building your

 road map to customers, You will be able toaccess customers withoutinvesting! You will end up saving almost 3,00,000/- annually!! 

This is an opportunity to build a

strong support system for your


and achieve success in less than a year

or struggle alone

and spend many years figuring out!



Pay Clicking Register!


Once you pay , You will be directed to a whats app group automatically or our team will reach out to help you in next 24 hours

STEP 3: Introduce Yourself and Start Networking

Leaders in the group will guide you

STEP 4: Go through the Member Orientation

You will have mentor coordinators to guide you through the process

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You will get visibility for your brand across India without physically going

 and from there, there is no looking back. TAKE ACTION!