Kadambari Umapathy

Profile of Kadambari Umapathy

Kadambari Umapathy, the founder of WEDO (Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Organization), is a distinguished expert in scaling operations and sustainable business models. With an entrepreneurial journey spanning two decades, she has honed her skills in fostering strategic business networks and has dedicated the last 10 years to empowering women in entrepreneurship.

Kadambari Umapathy’s leadership and dedication have significantly contributed to the advancement of women in entrepreneurship, creating a lasting impact on the business landscape.

Empowering Women Globally through Entrepreneurship

WEDO - Women Entrepreneurship Development Organisation

Welcome to the Women Entrepreneurship Development Organisation (WEDO), where we are on a mission to empower women across the globe through entrepreneurship. Positioned as a community-based business accelerator, WEDO stands out with its commitment to providing comprehensive support and resources to women entrepreneurs, ensuring a journey that is safe, secure, and accelerated.

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